Scopul actual al societatii  FELIX TELECOM  este specializarea in marile retele IP, capabile sa asigure o multitudine de servicii de voce, date si imagini, cu un înalt nivel al calitatii si securitatii serviciilor. FELIX TELECOM  furnizeaza : - echipamente de telecomunicatii, incluzind instalari commissioning, training, maintenance; - echipamente de comutatie voce/ date; - solutii la cheie (design, engineering, project management);  Solutii  Nortel aplicate de specialistii FELIX TELECOM  FELIX TELECOM asigura o gama larga de servicii si suport tehnic clientilor sai   Principiul nostru în afaceri pozitioneaza clientul în centrul atentiei tuturor activitatilor companiei .   Preocuparea pentru retele sigure - preocupare permanenta a companiei FELIX TELECOM. FELIX TELECOM  is today one of the big integrators in Romania for IP and large communication networks (maybe the biggest);

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FELIX TELECOM  is  one of the big integrators in Romania for IP and large communication networks ; the company executes the design, the installation, putting in service and the supervision of systems, voice, data and image networks; it also sells and maintains in service equipments and accessories, constituent of informatics and communication systems. FELIX TELECOM is able to provide all kinds of services for voice, data and images, having a high level of QoS and security.



  • Turn key solutions (design, engineering, project management, equipment delivery, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance);

  • Complete solutions for LAN/ WAN networks (switching, security, transport, acces);

  • Voice/ data switching  equipment;

  • Call center scalable solutions;

  • E-business complete software  packages

  • Structured cabling solution using VOLITION and SCQ TECHNOLOGY from 3M TELECOMMUNICATION

  • Testing equipments for IT and telecommunication products (climatic chambers, vibration testing systems, other similar equipments)

FELIX TELECOM is a medium size company, having about 100 employees (majority high skilled engineers). The company is audited yearly by KPMG according to USGAAP rules. The company has the following departments :
  • Marketing  and sells of equipment;
  • Installation of voice, data and images equipment, training and after sell service;
  • System integration :
    • design,  installation, putting into operation and supervision.
  •  Research and development :
    • adaptation to specific customers needs and request;
    • FELIX TELECOM is investing yearly in the development and training of the employees more than 10% of its revenues;

Among FELIX TELECOM achievements   :

  • WINMAN  (WDM and IP Network MANagement)  project is part of European Union Information Society Technologies program. FELIX TELECOM has as partners in this project societies from six countries : Lucent Technologies, Ellemedia Technologies, Telefonica, Portugal Telecom, Hellenic Telecommunication, National Technical University of Athens, University College of London, University of Catalunya , Rafael, T.T.I. team Telecom,

  • International Official opening of Vodafone Brasov Call Centre - This Call Centre includes : Meridian 1 with IP, digital and analogues telephones, SCCS SERVER, SWCP server and IVR system .

  • STS ATM network     FELIX TELECOM has built STS ATM network as a turn key project (installing, configuring, engineering). Nortel Networks, series Passport 6400 equipment are placed in the network nodes. Their multiservice edge -nodes characteristics allow the implementation of flexible  and scalable solutions consolidated in WAN networks. STS network offers voice, data, video services. TM, FR, IP, consacrated solutions are used as well as interworking functions, commuting/routing solutions for old generations protocols. The whole network is controlled by a centralized management.

  • Phoenix Project     FELIX TELECOM was the integrator of the Phoenix Project (an integrated secured communication network) , by design of radio sites and the afferent microwave connection.


 Milestones in the development of FELIX TELECOM business are:
  • Delivery and installation of Telrad Key Bx switches and Nortel Meridian 1 PABX’s.  
  • Test and validation of new features and new releases of software for Telrad Key Bx switches and for Nortel Meridian 1 PABX’s.  
  • Delivery and installation of DMS 10 public switches, including SDH transmission equipment, indoor and outdoor remote units.  
  • Installation of Nortel GSM Base stations, including aerial installation.  
  • Site survey, site preparation design, installation of switches, base stations, microwave links for a national wide project based on Tetrapol technology.  
  • Delivery and installation of Nortel data communication equipments.
    Delivery and installation of advanced call centres based on Nortel PABX’s and IVR systems.
  • Delivery and installation of ATM networks based on Nortel Passport multipurpose ATM switches.  
  • Delivery of CRM ( Customer Relations Management ) based on "Clarify" from Amdocs and safety systems for VPN networks based on Contivity family from Nortel Networks.  
  • Delivery ,  installation, configuration  and  testing  of  NORTEL & RAD  equipments inside  UTI  SPP project
  • Development of ATM and PABX networks at Special Communication Department ;

  • Performing ( together with Alcatel), of communication system of Border Police in 3 counties;

  • Installing ( together with Alcatel), of communication equipments, inside “Transelectrica off-grid” project;

  • Installing of radio equipments – “112” unic emergency call – in six counties;

  • Execution of voice/ data structured cabling, announcement system & public addressing system for Praktiker Timişoara and Bacǎu;

  • Performing services of voice/ data communication and Internet at the International Mail Congress;


  • Implementation of voice/ data communication system for "Internet in villages" project (ORANGE/ MCTI contract );
  • Delivery of the first "turn key IT systems" with an audio-video monitoring application.;
  • Execution of  an integrated videoconference and multimedia co-operation for governmental agents ;
  • The assimilation and the first deliveries of equipments according to AMSG 720B TEMPEST ;
  • The delivery and the installation of antennas of 7 m diameter for satellite communication .
  • Voice data communication complex projects using fiber communication voice data and microwaves


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